Sizing and Implementation of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System for Irrigation

Santosh S. Raghuwanshi, Vikas Khare


Solar photovoltaic systems convert energy of light directly into electrical
energy. This work presents, a process to compute the required size of the
stand-alone solar photovoltaic generator based water pumping system
for an existing area. In addition solar photovoltaic generator is
connecting voltage source inverter fed vector controlled induction
motor-pump system. Perturb and observe are used for harvesting
maximum power of PV generator in between buck-boost DC converter
and inverter system. In this paper system result is validated by fuzzy
logic system and compare with variable frequency drives based PI
controllers, driving motor-pump system. The operational performance
at 60 m head, VFD based controllers in terms overshoot and setting time
and also analysis performance of motor-pump set under different
weather conditions. By assessment of system we find that speed and
torque variation, overshoot and settling time is more with PI controller,
Fuzzy logic controller (FLC) performance have dominance to VFD
based PI controller.



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