Fingerprint Classification Using Fuzzy-neural Network and Other Methods

Idriss Tazight, Mohamed Fakir


The fingerprints are unique to each individual; they can be used as a means to distinguish one individual from another.Therefore they are used to identify a person. Fingerprint Classification is done to associate a given fingerprint to one of the existing classes, such as left loop, right loop, arch, tented arch and whorl. Classifying fingerprint images is a very complex pattern recognition problem, due to properties of intra-class diversitiesand inter-class similarities. Its objective is to reduce the responsetime and reducing the search space in an automatic identificationsystem fingerprint (AIS), in classifying fingerprints. In these papers we present a system of fingerprint classificationbased on singular characteristics for extracting feature vectorsand neural networks and fuzzy neural networks, SVM and Knearest neighbour for classifying.


Classification, Fingerprint, Fuzzy-neural network, K nearest neighbour, Neural network, SVM

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