Dwindling of Real Power Loss by Enriched Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm

K. Lenin


In this paper, Enriched Big Bang-Big Crunch (EBC) algorithm is proposed to solve the reactive power problem. The problem of converging to local optimum solutions occurred for the Bang-Big Crunch (BB-BC) approach due to greedily looking around the best ever found solutions. The proposed algorithm takes advantages of typical Big Bang-Big Crunch (BB-BC) algorithm and enhances it with the proper balance between exploration and exploitation factors. Proposed EBC algorithm has been tested in standard IEEE 118 & practical 191 bus test systems and simulation results show clearly the improved performance of the proposed algorithm in reducing the real power loss.


Enriched Big Bang-Big Crunch, Optimal Reactive Power, Transmission loss

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v7.i4.pp190-196
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