Security of a new Hybrid Ciphering System

Mohammed Bougrine, Salima Trichni, Fouzia Omary


The protection of privacy is a very sensitive subject and comes into force in all areas. They represent the first priority in the development of new technologies. in fact, opt for a new Big data or IOT technology is a very difficult decision for organizations and calls into question the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of their data. Convincing these organizations to adhere to technological intelligence is tantamount to providing them with powerful tools and mechanisms of security that are resistant to new types of vulnerability. However, the problem today is that most security tools are based on old cryptographic primitives. Certainly; they have proved their resistance until today but the need to have others becomes crucial in order to meet the new technological requirements. In this paper, we propose a new hybrid encryption alternative based on two encryption systems, the first one is an evolutionary encryption system and the second one is based on an asymmetric encryption system. To present this work we begin with a description of our evolutionary cipher system. Then, we present the principle of proposed hybridization and its contribution compared to other existing systems. Finally we perform a detailed study on the safety of this system and its long-term resistance.


Confidentiality, Hybrid Encryption, Security, Styling

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