Optimization of detection single line to ground fault based on (ABCNN) algorithm

Feryal Ibrahim Jabbar, DurMuhammad Soomro, Adnan Hasan Tawafan, Mohd Noor bin Abdullah, Nur Hanis binti Mohammad Radzi, Mazhar Hussain Baloch


This paper presents detection of single line to ground fault (SLGF) and self-extinguishing using ABC by controlling Petersen coil (PC) in the distribution network. The determination of the ground fault current is equal to the values in the sound phase current and extinguishing electric arc in a short time compared between classical methods with propsed algorithms. Consequently, this case can be controlled through PC, which turns off / reduces the electrical arcs that makes the network safer and protect the equipment and devices from damage in contrast of the cost value. This research will focus on the method for detection of the SLG fault currents on higher and lower values. Also, it will identify the capacitance and earth leakage of earthling network lines as well as calculate the opposing inductance to compensate for the cause. Among this significant advantage the increment occurs in the system's reliability, protection of devices as well as saving in copper cost. This method has been developed with a novel interfacing between the (mf) to block in   hybrid with Neural Network Based on fault current result using Matlab. This new method gives the best solution and iteration, and enhances the ability to detect single line to ground faults in the distribution grid in a short period.


Artificial Bee Colony (ABC), Distribution grid, MATLAB Simulation, Neural Network, Petersen Coil (PC)

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v9.i4.pp%25p
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