Classification of skin cancer images by applying simple evolving connectionist system

Al-Khowarizmi Al-Khowarizmi, Suherman Suherman


Simple Evolving Connectionist System (SECoS) is one of data mining classification techniques that recognizing data based on the tested and the training data binding. Data recognition is achieved by aligning testing data to trained data pattern. SECoS uses a feedforward neural network but its hidden layer evolves so that each input layer does not perform epoch. SECoS distance has been modified with the normalized Euclidean distance formula to reduce error in training. This paper recognizes skin cancer by classifying benign skin moles and malignant skin moles images using SECoS based on parameter combinations. The skin cancer classification has learning rate 1 of 0.3, learning rate 2 of 0.3, sensitivity threshold of 0.5, error threshold of 0.1 and MAPE is 0.5184845 with developing hidden node of 23. Skin cancer recognition by applying modified SECoS algorithm is proven more acceptable. Compared to other methods, SECoS is more robust to error variations.


Classification; Data mining; SECoS; Skin care



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