Conceptual model of the recursive entity modelling method after revision

Rifai Amal, Tzemmout Mohamed amine, Sadiq Abdelalime


In this work, we will present the rectifications that we brought on Recursive Entity Modeling Method into lasts articles. Then, we will establish the Recursive Entity Modeling Method global conceptual diagram in order to conceive a space name and database for this method in future works. Therefore, in the first paragraph, we will present an overview of the Recursive Entity Modeling Method conceptual model, then, in a second paragraph, we will present Recursive Entity Modeling Method revisited elements (Relationships, Component, Roles, Conception, Path, Node, Connection) and in the third paragraph, we conceive a general conceptual diagram describing the components of the Recursive Entity Modeling Method.


Class diagram, Component, Conception, Element, Learning entity, Learning scenario modeling, Node, Path, Recursive entity modeling method



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