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Vol 7, No 1: March 2018 Artificial Neural Network for Healthy Chicken Meat Identification Abstract   PDF
Fajar Yumono, Imam Much Ibnu Subroto, Sri Arttini Dwi Prasetyowati
Vol 9, No 1: March 2020 Artificial neural network forecasting performance with missing value imputations Abstract   PDF
Nur Haizum Abd Rahman, Muhammad Hisyam Lee
Vol 5, No 4: December 2016 Assessing State of the Art on Artificial Neural Network Paradigms for Level of Eutrophication Estimation of Water Bodies Abstract   PDF
Tushar Anthwal, M K Pandey
Vol 5, No 2: June 2016 Automatic Exudates Detection in Diabetic Retinopathy Images Abstract   PDF
H. Faouzi, Mohamed Fakir
Vol 2, No 3: September 2013 Black Holes Algorithm: A Swarm Algorithm inspired of Black Holes for Optimization Problems Abstract   PDF
Mostafa Nemati, Reza Salimi, Navid Bazrkar
Vol 7, No 3: September 2018 Cat Swarm Optimization to Shunt Capacitor Allocation in Algerian Radial Distribution Power System Abstract   PDF
Amar Hamzi, Rachide Meziane
Vol 6, No 1: March 2017 CBIR of Brain MR Images Using Histogram of Fuzzy Oriented Gradients and Fuzzy Local Binary Patterns Abstract   PDF
Athira TR, Abraham Varghese
Vol 7, No 3: September 2018 Challenging Issues in Automated Oil Palm Fruit Grading Abstract   PDF
Gaurang S Patkar, Anjaneyulu G.S.G.N, Chandra Mouli P.V.S.S.R
Vol 7, No 2: June 2018 Classification of Atrial Arrhythmias using Neural Networks Abstract   PDF
Jai Utkarsh, Raju Kumar Pandey, Shrey Kumar Dubey, Shubham Sinha, S. S. Sahu
Vol 9, No 1: March 2020 Classification of multiclass imbalanced data using cost-sensitive decision tree C5.0 Abstract
M. Aldiki Febriantono, Sholeh Hadi Pramono, Rahmadwati Rahmadwati, Golshah Naghdy
Vol 5, No 1: March 2016 Classification of Power Quality Events Using Wavelet Analysis and Probabilistic Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Pampa Sinha, Sudipta Debath, Swapan Kumar Goswami
Vol 6, No 4: December 2017 Classification of Road Damage from Digital Image Using Backpropagation Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Sutikno Sutikno, Helmie Arif Wibawa, Prima Yusuf Budiarto
Vol 1, No 3: September 2012 Classifying the EEG Signal through Stimulus of Motor Movement Using New Type of Wavelet Abstract   PDF
Endro Yulianto, Adhi Susanto, Thomas Sri Widodo, Samekto Wibowo
Vol 8, No 1: March 2019 Comparative between (LiNbO3) and (LiTaO3) in detecting acoustics microwaves using classification Abstract   PDF
Hafdaoui Hichem, Benatia Djamel
Vol 7, No 4: December 2018 Comparison of Neural Network Training Algorithms for Classification of Heart Diseases Abstract   PDF
Hesam Karim, Sharareh R. Niakan, Reza Safdari
Vol 8, No 3: September 2019 Computational Intelligence based Lossless Regeneration (CILR) of Blocked Gingivitis Intraoral Image Transportation Abstract   PDF
Anirban Bhowmik, Joydeep Dey, Arindam Sarkar, Sunil Karforma
Vol 7, No 1: March 2018 Computational Morphological Analysis of Yorùbá Language Words Abstract   PDF
Safiriyu Ijiyemi Eludiora, O R Ayemonisan
Vol 4, No 4: December 2015 Conventional DC Voltage Operating System for High Speeed Traction Power Supplies Using LLC-HPQC Control Abstract   PDF
Ch. Lenin Babu, P. Harinath Reddy, T. Reddi Sekhar
Vol 8, No 4: December 2019 Convolutional Neural Networks for Leaf Image-Based Plant Disease Classification Abstract   PDF
Sachin B. Jadhav
Vol 2, No 2: June 2013 Counting of People in the Extremely Dense Crowd using Genetic Algorithm and Blobs Counting Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Arif, Sultan Daud, Saleh Basalamah
Vol 6, No 2: June 2017 Deep Machine Learning and Neural Networks: An Overview Abstract   PDF
Chandrahas Mishra, D. L. Gupta
Vol 9, No 1: March 2020 DeepOSN: Bringing Deep Learning as Malicious Detection Scheme in Online Social Network Abstract
Putra Wanda
Vol 4, No 2: June 2015 Design an Algorithm for Software Development in Cbse Environment using Feed Forward Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Amit Verma, Pardeep kaur
Vol 4, No 1: March 2015 Design and Development of an Agorithm for Prioritizing the Test Cases Using Neural Network as Classifier Abstract   PDF
Amit Verma, simranjeet kaur
Vol 1, No 1: March 2012 Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Position Control System for Tracking Applications and Performance Comparison with Conventional PID Abstract   PDF
Nader Jamali Soufi Amlashi
Vol 2, No 4: December 2013 Design Controller for a Class of Nonlinear Pendulum Dynamical System Abstract   PDF
Mohamad Reza Rahimi Khoygani, Reza Ghasemi, Davoud Sanaei
Vol 2, No 3: September 2013 Design of Multi-Criteria Spatial Decision Support System (MC-SDSS) for Animal Production Abstract   PDF
Hesham Ahmed Hassan, Hazem Mokhtar El-Bakry, Hamada Gaber Abd Allah
Vol 7, No 3: September 2018 Design Process to Reduce Production Cycle Time in Product Development Abstract   PDF
Mahesh Mallampati, Kolla Srivinivas, Tirumala Krishna. M
Vol 2, No 2: June 2013 Designing Intelligent Variable Structure Controller for HIV Infection Abstract   PDF
Reza Ghasemi
Vol 2, No 3: September 2013 Designing Observer Based Variable Structure Controller for Large Scale Nonlinear Systems Abstract   PDF
Reza Ghasemi
Vol 5, No 2: June 2016 Development of an Efficient Face Recognition System Based on Linear and Nonlinear Algorithms Abstract   PDF
Araoluwa Simileolu Filani, Adebayo Olusola Adetunmbi
Vol 9, No 1: March 2020 Development of option C measurement and verification model using hybrid artificial neural network-cross validation technique to quantify saving Abstract   PDF
Wan Nazirah Wan Md Adnan, Nofri Yenita Dahlan, Ismail Musirin
Vol 8, No 2: June 2019 Development of Path Planning Algorithm of Centipede Inspired Wheeled Robot in Presence of Static and Moving Obstacles Using ModifiedCritical-SnakeBug Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Subir Kumar Das, Ajoy Kumar Dutta, Subir Kumar Debnath
Vol 4, No 1: March 2015 Direct Field-Oriented Control Using Fuzzy Logic Type -2 for Induction Motor with Broken Rotor Bars Abstract   PDF
Saad Belhamdi, Amar Goléa
Vol 7, No 1: March 2018 Direct Torque Control of Doubly Star Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller Abstract   PDF
Lallouani Hellali, Saad Belhamdi
Vol 8, No 1: March 2019 Distance Weighted K-Means Algorithm for Center Selection in Training Radial Basis Function Networks Abstract   PDF
Lim Eng Aik, Tan Wei Hong, Ahmad Kadri Junoh
Vol 7, No 4: December 2018 Dwindling of Real Power Loss by Enriched Big Bang-Big Crunch Algorithm Abstract   PDF
K. Lenin
Vol 1, No 1: March 2012 Dynamic Particle Swarm Optimization for Multimodal Function Abstract   PDF
H. Omranpour, M. Ebadzadeh, S. Shiry, S. Barzegar
Vol 3, No 3: September 2014 Effect of Feature Selection on Small and Large Document Summarization Abstract   PDF
Dipti Yashodhan Sakhare, Rajkumar Rajkumar
Vol 5, No 2: June 2016 Effective Analysis of Lung Infection using Fuzzy Rules Abstract   PDF
Navneet Walia, Harsukhpreet Singh, Anurag Sharma
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