Direct Torque Control of Doubly Star Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller

Lallouani Hellali, Saad Belhamdi


This paper presents the simulation of the control of doubly star induction
motor using Direct Torque Control (DTC) based on Proportional and Integral
controller (PI) and Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). In addition, the work
describes a model of doubly star induction motor in α-β reference frame
theory and its computer simulation in MATLAB/SIMULINK®.The structure
of the DTC has several advantages such as the short sampling time required
by the TC schemes makes them suited to a very fast flux and torque
controlled drives as well as the simplicity of the control algorithm.the
general- purpose induction drives in very wide range using DTC because it is
the excellent solution. The performances of the DTC with a PI controller and
FLC are tested under differents speeds command values and load torque.


Doubly Star Induction Motor, Direct Torque Control, Voltage Source Inverter (VSI), Hysteresis Comparator, PI Controller, FLC, Robustness

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