Shrinkage of real power loss by enriched brain storm optimization algorithm

K. Lenin


This paper proposes Enriched Brain Storm Optimization (EBSO) algorithm is used for soving reactive power problem. Human being are the most intellectual creature in this world. Unsurprisingly, optimization algorithm stimulated by human being inspired problem solving procedure should be advanced than the optimization algorithms enthused by collective deeds of ants, bee, etc. In this paper, we commence a new Enriched brain storm optimization algorithm, which was enthused by the human brainstorming course of action. In the projected Enriched Brain Storm Optimization (EBSO) algorithm, the vibrant clustering strategy is used to perk up the kmeans clustering process. The most important view of the vibrant clustering strategy is that; regularly execute the k-means clustering after a definite number of generations, so that the swapping of information wrap all ideas in the clusters to accomplish suitable searching capability. This new approach leads to wonderful results with little computational efforts. In order to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed Enriched Brain Storm Optimization (EBSO) algorithm, has been tested standard IEEE 118 & practical 191 bus test systems and compared to other standard reported algorithms. Simulation results show that Enriched Brain Storm Optimization (EBSO) algorithm is superior to other algorithms in reducing the real power loss.


Enriched brain storm optimization; Optimal reactive power; Transmission loss

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