Design and analysis of a multi-agent e-learning system using prometheus design tool

Kennedy E. Ehimwenma, Sujatha Krishnamoorthy


Agent unified modeling languages (AUML) are agent-oriented approaches that supports the specification, design, visualization and documentation of an agent-based system. This paper presents the use of prometheus AUML approach for the modeling of a Pre-assessment System of five interactive agents. The Pre-assessment System, as previously reported, is a multi-agent-based e-learning system that is developed to support the assessment of prior learning skills in students so as to classify their skills and make recommendation for their learning. This paper discusses the detailed design approach of the system in a step-by-step manner; and domain knowledge abstraction and organization in the system. In addition, the analysis of the data collated and models of prediction for future pre-assessment results are also presented.


Agent methodology; Computational education; First-order logic; Pre-assessment classification; Requirements engineering

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