Implementation of a Grip Strength Measuring System

Hashir Zahid Sheikh, Soly Mathew Biju, Mohamed Fareq Malek, Farhad Oroumchian


This paper presents a grip measurement system that comprises of Force sensing resistor and flex sensor to evaluate the condition of the hand. The system is tested by gripping a pencil and a cylindrical object by wearing a glove, to determine the condition of the hand. FSR evaluates the force applied by the different parts of the palm on the object being grasped. Flex sensor evaluates the bending of the fingers and thumb. The data from the sensors is then compared with existing data to evaluate the state of the hand. The data from the sensors is stored on the PC through serial communication. A model is trained using the data from the sensors, which determine if the grip strength of the user is weak or strong. The model is also trained to differentiate between two modes that are pen mode and object mode.


Grip force, FSR, Flex sensor, hand grip strength


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