A Semi-Automated Lyrics Generation Tool for Mauritian Sega

Sameerchand Pudaruth, Bibi Feenaz Bhaukaurally, Mohammad Haydar Ally Didorally


In this paper, we give an overview of how Sega lyrics, in Mauritian Creole language, are being written by Mauritian Lyricists and a tool which has been developed to automatically generate Sega lyrics. Research shows that song writing is not always an easy task. Someone cannot be told exactly how to write lyrics, but that does not mean there are not ways in which he/she can learn to do it better. In-depth analysis has been carried out on Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Machine Learning and existing Sega lyrics to consolidate the foundation of the project. Interviews have been done with a domain expert to learn the process of conventional song writing. Thus a tool, Paroles Sega Morisien, was developed. Paroles Sega Morisien enables users to generate Sega lyrics from randomly selected Mauritian Creole keywords. It is the first time that such a tool has been developed. An evaluation, consisting of a comparability study, was carried out to compare existing lyrics against lyrics generated by the tool. The result obtained was favorable.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11591/ij-ai.v1i4.801


lyrics,text-generation,machine learning

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