Grading of Soybean Leaf Disease Based on Segmented Image Using K-means Clustering

Sachin Balkrishna Jadhav, Sanjay B. Patil


Traditional method used for disease scoring scale to grade the plant diseases is mainly based on neckaed eye observation by agriculture expert or plant pathlogiest. In this method percentage scale was exclusively used to define different disease severities in an illustrated series of disease assessment keys for field crops.The assessment of plant leaf diseases using this aaproach which may be subjective, time consuming and cost effective.Also aacurate grading of leaf diseases is essential to the determination of pest control measures. In order to improve this process, here we propose a technique for automatically quantifying the damaged leaf area using k means clustering, which uses square Euclidian distances method for partition of leaf image.For grading of soybean leaf disese which appear on leaves based on segmented diseased region are done automatically by estiamting thae ratio of the unit pixel expressed under diseased region area and unit pixel expressed under Leaf region area.For experiment purpose samples of Bacterial Leaf Blight Septoria Brown spot, Bean Pod Mottle Virus infected soybean leaf images were taken for analysis.Finally estiamated diseased severity and its grading is compared with  manual scoring based on conventional illustrated key diagram was conducted. Comparative assessment results showed a good agreement between the numbers of percentage scale grading obtained by manual scoring and by image analysis The result shows that the proposed method is precise and reliable than visual evaluation performed by patahlogiest.


CIE L*a*b, Disease Region Area, Disease Severity, K-Means, Leaf Region Area

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