Multilayer neural network synchronized secured session key based encryption in wireless communication

Arindam Sarkar


In this paper, multilayer neural network synchronized session key based encryption has been proposed for wireless communication of data/information. Multilayer perceptron transmitting systems at both ends accept an identical input vector, generate an output bit and the network are trained based on the output bit which is used to form a protected variable length secret-key. For each session, different hidden layer of multilayer neural network is selected randomly and weights or hidden units of this selected hidden layer help to form a secret session key. The plain text is encrypted through chaining, cascaded xoring of multilayer perceptron generated session key. If size of the final block of plain text is less than the size of the key then this block is kept unaltered. Receiver will use identical multilayer perceptron generated session key for performing deciphering process for getting the plain text. Parametric tests have been done and results are compared in terms of Chi-Square test, response time in transmission with some existing classical techniques, which shows comparable results for the proposed technique.


Multilayer neural network; Session key; Wireless communication

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