Classification of vehicles’ types using histogram oriented gradients: comparative study and modification

Rania Salah El-Sayed, Mohamed Nour El-Sayed


This paper proposes an efficient model for recognizing and classifying a vehicle type. The model localizes each object in the image then identifies the vehicle type. The features of an image are extracted using the histogram oriented gradients (HOG) and ant colony optimization (ACO). A vehicle type is determined using different classifiers namely: the k-nearest neighbor (KNN), support vector machine (SVM), random forest (RF), and Softmax classifiers. The model is implemented and operated on two datasets of vehicles' images as test-beds. From the comparative study, the SVM outperforms the other adopted classifiers and is also better using HOG than that using ACO. A modification is done on HOG by adding the Laplacian filter to select the most significant image features. The accuracy of the SVM classifier using modified HOG outperforms that one using the traditional HOG. The proposed model is analyzed and discussed regardless the local geometric and photometric transformations like illumination variations.


Vehicle Type Classification; Support Vector Machine (SVM); Features' Extraction; Ant Colony Optimization (ACO); Improved Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG); Performance Evaluations

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