Classification of tomato leaf diseases using MobileNet v2

Siti Zulaikha Muhammad Zaki, Mohd Asyraf Zulkifley, Marzuraikah Mohd Stofa, Nor Azwan Mohammed Kamari, Nur Ayuni Mohamed


Tomato is a red-colored edible fruit originated from the American continent. There are a lot of plant diseases associated with tomatoes such as leaf mold, late blight, and mosaic virus. Tomato is an important vegetable crop that contributes to the world economically. Despite tremendous efforts in plant management, viral diseases are notoriously difficult to control and eradicate completely. Thus, accurate and faster detection of plant diseases is needed to mitigate the problem at the early stage. A computer vision approach is proposed to identify the disease by capturing the leaf images and detect the possibility of the diseases. A deep learning classifier is utilized to make a robust decision that covers a wide variety of leaf appearances. Compact deep learning architecture, which is MobileNet V2 has been fine-tuned to detect three types of tomato diseases. The algorithm is tested on 4,671 images from PlantVillage dataset. The results show that MobileNet V2 is able to detect the disease up to more than 90% accuracy.


Deep learning classification, MobileNet V2, Tomato disease

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