Student performance prediction using simple additive weighting method

Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Arif Fahrudin, Wiranto Herry Utomo


In the world of student education is an important component where the role of students is as someone who is psychologically ready to receive lessons or other input from the school. However, each student has different performance and development, therefore it is important to do monitoring so that student performance will always be monitored by the school for improving student quality maintenance. Also, in the process of valuing education for students needs to be done by giving an appreciation in the form of giving gifts or just giving words and motivation so that students can perform better in learning and participating in other activities at school. In terms of selecting students with good performance or those who have a very declining development using the school method not only assess students by one criterion but with several criteria to produce a decision that can be accepted by many people. Performance Students must also be monitored by the school or the related rights. In this paper, the student performance prediction was assessed with 5 criteria components and the result shows there are 10 very satisfy students, 10 satisfying students, 10 well students, and 10 Enough students from sample 40 students.


Student performance, Student performance prediction, simple additive weighting, Student school performance prediction

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