Facial emotion recognition using deep convolutional neural network and smoothing, mixture filters applied during preprocessing stage

Pragnyaban Mishra, P. V. V. S. Srinivas


The facial emotion recognition by the machine is a challenging task. From decades, researchers applied different methods to classify facial emotion into the different classes. The expansion of artificial intelligence in a form of deep convolutional neural network (CNN) changed the direction of the research. The facial emotion recognition using deep CNN is powerful in terms of taking bulk input images for processing and classify with high accuracy. It has been noticed in a few cases the classification model does not judge the facial images into appropriate classes due to the influence of noises. So, it is highly recommended to apply a noiseless image to the facial emotion recognition model for classification. We adopted a mechanism and proposed a model for classifying facial image into one of the seven classes with high accuracy. The images are smoothed before applying to the model by different smoothing process as part of image preprocessing. We claim facial emotion recognition with image smoothing by different filters or a mixture of filter are more robust than without preprocessing. The detail is explained in the subsequent sections.


Classification, Deep convolutional neural network, Facial emotion recognition, Image smoothing

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v10.i4.pp889-900


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