Four Inputs – One Output Fuzzy Logic System for Washing Machine

Muhammad Zaini Ahmad, Nurain Zulaikha Husin, Mustafa Mamat


In this study, we present fuzzy logic system for washing machine because this system allows the machine to perform effectively compared to the traditional method. Four inputs and output variable will be considered. The input variables are type of fabric, type of dirt, dirtiness of fabric and weight of load, while the output variable is washing time. 81 possible rules are developed by combining all the inputs by using AND operator. Referring to the Mamdani inference engine, a minimum membership function from input parts is truncated to the output for each rule. Then, the maximum membership function from the output is aggregated in a single graph. Then, centroid method is used to find the washing time. Next, the result of four input variables is being compared with washing time of three input variables. Since 27 possible rules is developed for three input variables, we can see that there is slightly different in timing between these two comparisons. All the results can be obtained by using MATLAB software by inserting all the data available therein.


Fuzzy logic system, Washing time, Mamdani method



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