SAFEA application design on determining the optimal order quantity of chicken eggs based on fuzzy logic

Sesar Husen Santosa, Agung Prayudha Hidayat, Ridwan Siskandar


The availability of stock in the chicken egg supply chain is influenced by the ability of egg Agents to determine the optimal orders to suppliers. The optimal number of orders is very important to manage for the Bogor City Egg Agent Indonesia because the stock capacity reaches 340 crates. The optimal number of orders for eggs at the Egg Agent is influenced by input variables, namely final stock (crate), selling price (crate), and consumer demand (crate) so that the inventory is under control. The three input variables have fuzzy values that must be processed using fuzzy logic to get the optimal number of orders to suppliers so that the egg stock in the warehouse is well maintained. The optimal order model for eggs in the smart application for egg agent (SAFEA) was developed using a fuzzy logic approach with the triangular and trapezoidal membership function. Based on the optimal order model in the SAFEA application, the optimal order to the supplier is 100-104 crates per day.


Consumer demand, Final stock, Membership function, Optimal order, SAFEA application, Selling price

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