An enhancement of mammogram images for breast cancer classification using artificial neural networks

Jalpa J. Patel, S. K. Hadia


Breast cancer is the most driving reason for death in women in both developed and developing nations. For the plan of effective classification of a system, the selection of features method must be used to decrease irregularity part in mammogram images. The proposed approach is used to crop the region of interests (ROIs) manually. Based on that number of features are extracted. In this proposed method a novel hybrid optimum feature selection (HOFS) method is used to find out the significant features to reach maximum accuracy for this classification. A number of selected features is applied to train the neural network. In this proposed method accessible informational index from the mini–mammographic image analysis society (MIAS) database was used. The classification of this mammogram database involved a neural networks classifier which attained an accuracy of 99.7% with a sensitivity of 99.5%, and specificity of 100% as the area under the curve (AUC) is 0.9975 and matthew’s correlation coefficient (MCC) represents a binary class value which reached the value of 0.9931. It can be useful in a computer-aided diagnosis system (CAD) framework to help the radiologist in analyzing breast cancer. Results achieved with the proposed method are better compared to recent work.


CLAHE; FFBPNN; GLCM; HOFS; Morphological operations; Multithresholding

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