Design of the use of chatbot as a virtual assistant in banking services in Indonesia

Bhakti Prabandyo Wicaksono, Amalia Zahra


A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate an interactive communication to user (human) via text, audio, or video. Currently several banks in Indonesia have adopted chat technology in customer service. The application of artificial intelligence in customer service aims to prepare banks for the challenges of industry banking 4.0. In addition, it is also to solve problems currently faced by customer service. Implementing chatbot platform in banking in Indonesia is not just plug and play, although there are quite a lot of chatbot platforms available, including Rasa Platform, Botika Platform, and Platform. However, this study only evaluates two chatbot platforms, namely Rasa and Botika, where the two platforms are considered not yet able to be immediately adopted by banks. This is because the application of banking technology in Indonesia must refer to regulatory regulations, including those related to environmental needs, language, speed, and accuracy to understand the intent of users. Hence, research is needed to decide which chatbot platform can be implemented in the banking industry without violating regulatory regulations. From the results of evaluations conducted using the usability and hedonic motivation system adoption system (HMSAM) methods, it is found that users prefer Botika platform to be implemented in the banking industry.


Artificial intelligence; Botika; Chatbot; Rasa

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