Brainstorm on artificial intelligence applications and evaluation of their commercial impact

Elvezia Maria Cepolina, Francesco Cepolina, Guido Ferla


A countless number of artificial intelligence applications exist in a wide range of fields. The AI technology is becoming mature, free powerful libraries enable programmers to generate new apps using a few lines of code: a selection of free and commercial AI tools is shortly recalled. The paper briefly describes some AI applications related to trading, industry, sales, logistics, games and personal services. Some new possible applications are also investigated and discussed. In order to select the most promising AI applications, a compensatory classification method, based on evaluation matrix, has been introduced. This brain storm may be useful to inspire new born startups, willing to create viral apps/products. The paper wishes to be informative and light, for further information, a rich selection of publications and books is provided.


Artificial intelligence applications classification method; Artificial intelligence commercial apps; Artificial intelligence monetizing; Industrial artificial intelligence



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