Memory aware optimized Hadoop MapReduce model in cloud computing environment

Vaishali Sontakke, Dayananda R. B.


In the last decade, data analysis has become one of the popular tasks due to enormous growth in data every minute through different applications and instruments. MapReduce is the most popular programming model for data processing. Hadoop constitutes two basic models i.e., Hadoop file system (HDFS) and MapReduce, Hadoop is used for processing a huge amount of data whereas MapReduce is used for data processing. Hadoop MapReduce is one of the best platforms for processing huge data in an efficient manner such as processing web logs data. However, existing model This research work proposes memory aware optimized Hadoop MapReduce (MA-OHMR). MA-OHMR is developed considering memory as the constraint and prioritizes memory allocation and revocation in mapping, shuffling, and reducing, this further enhances the job of mapping and reducing. Optimal memory management and I/O operation are carried out to use the resource inefficiently manner. The model utilizes the global memory management to avoid garbage collection and MA-OHMR is optimized on the makespan front to reduce the same. MA-OHMR is evaluated considering two datasets i.e., simple workload of Wikipedia dataset and complex workload of sensor dataset considering makespan and cost as an evaluation parameter.


Cloud computing; Hadoop; MapReduce; Parallel computing

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