Oil palm unstripped bunch detector using modified faster regional convolutional neural network

Wahyu Sapto Aji, Kamarul Hawari Bin Ghazali, Son Ali Akbar


The palm oil processing industry in Malaysia and Indonesia is significant and plays a vital role in the community's welfare. The efficiency of palm oil mills is characterized by the low number of unstripped bunch (USBs), so USB detection is essential in the palm oil production process. So far, USB detection is done manually and is often ignored because it is labor-intensive. We developed a USB detector based on faster regional convolutional neural network with a modified visual geometry group 16 (VGG16) backbone to solve this problem. To see the performance of our proposed USB detector, we compared it to the faster region based convolutional neural networks (R-CNN) USB detector with the VGG16 standard backbone. Based on the validation test, the USB faster R-CNN detector with modified VGG16 can improve the performance of the USB faster R-CNN detection system based on the original VGG 16 backbone. The proposed system can work faster (100% faster) with an mAP value of 0.782 (7.42% more precise) than the USB Detector with the original VGG16. In the training process, the proposed system on the speed parameter has better training parameters, which is 58.9% faster, the total loss is smaller (43.4% smaller), and the proposed system has better best accuracy (98%) than the previous system (93%). Still, it has a smaller overlap bounding box (23.91% less).


Faster regional convolutional neural network; Object detector; Unstripped bunch; Visual geometry group 16

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v11.i1.pp189-200


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