Cognitive and academic-based probability models for predicting campus placements

Shaik Alfana, Sastry Kodanda Rama Jammalamadaka, Vudatha Chandra Prakash, Burramukku Tirapathi Reddy


Industrial organizations select the students for placement by conducting tests based on the academic content and targeting students' cognitive levels, such as the problem-solving ability. Educational institutes are mostly dependent on the students' academic performance to judge the likelihood of Employing the students. Cognitive and academic-based models are required to accurately predict the students' employment and assess the areas of improvement required. The interrelationships must be established to achieve coherence between the models. In this paper, three predictive models have been presented, which are based on: cognitive factors, Academic factors with and without anomaly correction. The models will help the educational institutions prepare the students for the highest number of placements. The models provide the basis for prediction on the individual subject/factor basis and the overall prediction considering all the subjects/cognitive factors. 98% accuracy in predicting the placement of the students has been achieved considering both the cognitive and Academic models with a built-in anomaly correction mechanism. The anomaly correction mechanism presented in the paper improved the accuracy of prediction from 92% to 98%. The positive correlation between the cognitive and Academic model helps inferencing one model from the other.


Academic model; Anomaly correction; Cognitive model; Composite placement prediction; Expert system;

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