Comparative study of optimization methods for optimal coordination of directional overcurrent relays with distributed generators

Zineb El Idrissi, Touria Haidi, Faissal Elmariami, Abdelaziz Belfqih


Due to the growing penetration of distributed generators (DGs), that are based on renewable energy, into the distribution network, it is necessary to address the coordination of directional overcurrent relays (DOCR) in the presence of these generators. This problem has been solved by many metaheuristic optimization techniques to obtain the optimal relay parameters and to have an optimal coordination of the protection relays by considering the coordination constraints. In this article, a comparative study of the optimization techniques proposed in the literature addresses the optimal coordination problem using digital DOCRs with standard properties according to IEC60-255. For this purpose, the three most efficient and robust optimization techniques, which are particle swarm optimization (PSO), genetic algorithm (GA) and differential evolution (DE), are considered. Simulations were performed using MATLAB R2021a by applying the optimization methods to an interconnected 9-bus and 15-bus power distribution systems. The obtained simulation results show that, in case of distributed generation, the best optimization method to solve the relay protection coordination problem is the differential evolution DE. 


Directional overcurrent relay; Distributed generator; Distribution network; Optimal coordination; Optimization technique;



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