Information system based on multi-value classification of fully connected neural network for construction management

Tetyana Honcharenko, Roman Akselrod, Andrii Shpakov, Oleksandr Khomenko


This study is devoted to solving the problem to determine the professional adaptive capabilities of construction management staff using artificial intelligence systems. It is proposed fully connected feed-forward neural network (FCF-FNN) architecture and performed empirical modeling to create a data set. Model of artificial intelligence system allows evaluating the processes in an FCF-FNN during the execution of multi-value classification of professional areas. A method has been developed for the training process of a machine learning model, which reflects the internal connections between the components of an artificial intelligence system that allow it to “learn” from training data. To train the neural network, a data set of 35 input parameters and 29 output parameters was used; the amount of data in the set is 936 data lines. Neural network training occurred in the proportion of 10% and 90%, respectively. Results of this study research can be used to further improve the knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional realization.


Artificial intelligence; Construction management; Machine learning; Multi-value classification; Neural network

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