Productivity of incident management with conversational bots-a review

Orlando Iparraguirre-Villanueva, Luz Obregon-Palomino, Wilson Pujay-Iglesias, Fernando Sierra-Liñan, Michael Cabanillas-Carbonell


The use of conversational agents (bots) in information systems managed by company’s increases productivity in the development of activities focused on processes such as customer service, healthcare, and presentation. The present work is a systematic literature review that collects articles from 2019 to 2022 in the databases Scopus, Springer, Willey, Indexes-Csic, Taylor & Francis, Pubmed, and Ebsco Host. PRISMA methodology was used to systematize 47 relevant articles. As a result of the analysis, 2/19 very important benefits were obtained, which are: helping to obtain information and facilitating customer service; as for the types of conversational bots, a total of 9 types were found, of which conversational agents and chatbots with artificial intelligence (AI) are the most common; in the case of processes, 3/5 processes that optimize conversational bots were found, where the most prominent are: teaching process, health processes, and customer service processes. An architecture model for conversational bots in incident management is also proposed.


Bot; Chatbot; Conversational; Incidence; Management; Productivity

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