Anomaly detection using deep learning based model with feature attention

Rikin J. Nayak, Jitendra P. Chaudhari


Anomaly detection is a difficult problem with numerous industrial applications, such as analyzing the quality of objects using images. Anomaly detection is the process of identifying outliers in a given dataset. Recently, machine learning approaches to computer vision problems have outperformed classical state-of-the-art approaches. Anomaly detection problems can be solved using supervised approaches. However, labelled datasets are hard to obtain. Thus, many researchers have taken an unsupervised approach to solving the problem of anomaly detection. In this study, we use an adversarial auto encoder model as a base model and create a custom model to detect anomalies in images and videos. The model was trained exclusively on normal data. The modified national institute of standards and technology database (MNIST) dataset achieved an area under curve (AUC) score of 0.872 for anomaly detection, while the University of California San Diego (UCSD) anomaly dataset (Video dataset) achieved an AUC score of 0.74 for Ped1 and 0.87 for Ped2. To calculate the anomaly score, the concept of attention weights is combined with the reconstruction loss, and the proposed method outperformed other similar methods designed for the same problem. However, the usefulness of the proposed model was demonstrated through the detection of anomalies, and the model is still being improved for use in real-world situations.


Anomaly detection; Attention weights; Auto encoder; Generative model; Vision automation;

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