Verifiable data distribution technique for multiple applicants in a cloud computing ecosystem

Jayalakshmi Karemallaiah, Prabha Revaiah


Cloud computing is the most exploited research technology in both industry and academia due to wide application and increases in adoption from global organizations. In cloud, computing data storage is one of the primary resources offered through cloud computing, however, an increase in participants raises major security concerns, as the user has no hold over the data. Furthermore, recent research has shown great potential for efficient data sharing with multiple participants. Existing researches suggest complicated and inefficient cloud security architecture. Hence, this research work proposes identifiable data sharing for multiple users (IDSMU) mechanism, which aims to provide security for multiple users in a particular cloud group. A novel signature scheme is used for identifying the participants, further verification of the Novel Signature Scheme is proposed along with a retraction process where the secret keys of the participant and the sender is cross-verified; at last, a module is designed for the elimination of any malicious participants within the group. IDSMU is evaluated on computation count and efficiency is proved by comparing with an existing model considering computation count. IDSMU performs marginal improvisation over the existing model in comparison with the existing model using the novel signature scheme. 


Cloud architecture; Cloud computing; Data sharing; Data storage; Security;

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