Valve control system on a venturi to control FiO2 a portable ventilator with fuzzy logic method based on microcontroller

Hadi Pranoto, Arief Marwanto, Suryani Alifah, Lukman Abdul Fatah


The results of several studies for portable ventilators state that it is difficult to
regulate oxygen levels of fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) that are in
accordance with what is needed directly during the implementation of oxygen
therapy. Some portable ventilators cannot set the FiO2, so the ventilators work
with a fixed FiO2. To overcome this problem, medical oxygen with a level of
100% is lowered by mixing with free air with an oxygen content of about 40%.
Mixing is carried out using a venturi with a large/wide hole that can be
adjusted using a slated disk rotated by a direct current motor. The rotation
control method uses Mamdani's fuzzy logic. The results of clinically lab-scale
testing show that the fuzzy logic control system is able to control the average
error pressure of 10.3%, better when compared to the on-off control method,
which is 14.5%. The fuzzy logic method is able to increase the accuracy of
FiO2 on a portable ventilator.


Fraction of inspired oxygen; Fuzzy logic; Portable ventilator; Slated disk rotated

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