Deep learning method for lung cancer identification and classification

Sahil Jamdar, Jayashree Vaddin, Sachidanand B. Nargundkar, Shrinivasa Patil


Lung cancer (LC) is calming many lives and is becoming a serious cause of concern. The detection of LC at an early stage assists the chances of recovery. Accuracy of detection of LC at an early stage can be improved with the help of a convolutional neural network (CNN) based deep learning approach. In this paper, we present two methodologies for Lung cancer detection (LCD) applied on Lung image database consortium (LIDC) and image database resource initiative (IDRI) data sets. Classification of these LC images is carried out using support vector machine (SVM), and deep CNN. The CNN is trained with i) multiple batches and ii) single batch for LC image classification as non cancer and cancer image. All these methods are being implemented in MATLAB. The accuracy of classification obtained by SVM is 65%, whereas deep CNN produced detection accuracy of 80% and 100% respectively for multiple and single batch training. The novelty of our experimentation is near 100% classification accuracy obtained by our deep CNN model when tested on 25 Lung computed tomography (CT) test images each of size 512×512 pixels in less than 20 iterations as compared to the research work carried out by other researchers using cropped LC nodule images.


Convolution neural network; Deep learning; Detection and classification; Fully connected layer; Lung cancer

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