Utilizing deep learning, feature ranking, and selection strategies to classify diverse information technology ticketing data effectively

Mudragada Venkata Subbarao, Kasukurthi Venkatarao, Suresh Chittineni, Subhadra Kompella


In today's internet world, information technology (IT) ticketing services are potentially increasing across many corporations. Therefore, the automatic classification of IT tickets becomes a significant challenge. Feature selection becomes most important, particularly in data sets with several variables and features. However, enhance classification's precision and performance by stopping insignificant variables. Through our earlier research, we have categorized the unsupervised ticket dataset. As a result, we have converted the dataset into a supervised dataset. In this article, the classification of different IT tickets on Machine learning algorithms, Feature ranking, and feature selection techniques are used to improve the efficiency of machine learning algorithms. However, compared to the machine learning (ML) algorithms, the convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm provides a better classification of the token IDs and provide better accuracy.


Deep learning; Incident response; Machine learning; Support vector machine; Text mining

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v12.i4.pp1985-1994


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