Cost-aware optimal resource provisioning Map-Reduce scheduler for hadoop framework

Archana Bhaskar, Rajeev Ranjan


Distributed data processing model has been one of the primary components in the case of data-intensive applications; furthermore, due to advancements in technologies, there has been a huge volume of data generation of diverse nature. Hadoop map reduce framework is responsible for adopting the ease of deployment mechanism in an open-source framework. The existing Hadoop MapReduce framework possesses high makespan time and high Input/Output overhead and it mainly affects the cost of a model. Thus, this research work presents an optimized cost aware resource provisioning MapReduce model also known as the cost-effective resource provisioning MapReduce (CRP-MR) model. CRP-MR model introduces the two integrated approaches to minimize the cost; at first, this model presents the optimal resource optimization and optimal Input/Output optimization cleansing in the Hadoop MapReduce (HMR) scheduler. CRP-MR is evaluated considering the bioinformatics dataset and CRP-MR performs better than the existing model. 


Cost; Cost effective resource; Provisioning MapReduce; Hadoop; Hadoop MapReduce; MapReduce;

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