Machine learning based recommender system for e-commerce

Manal Loukili, Fayçal Messaoudi, Mohammed El Ghazi


Nowadays, e-commerce is becoming an essential part of business for many reasons, including the simplicity, availability, richness and diversity of products and services, flexibility of payment methods and the convenience of shopping remotely without losing time. These benefits have greatly optimized the lives of users, especially with the technological development of mobile devices and the availability of the Internet anytime and anywhere. Because of their direct impact on the revenue of e-commerce companies, recommender systems are considered a must in this field. Recommender systems detect items that match the customer's needs based on the customer's previous actions and make them appear in an interesting way. Such a customized experience helps to increase customer engagement and purchase rates as the suggested items are tailored to the customer's interests. Therefore, perfecting recommendation systems that allow for more personalized and accurate item recommendations is a major challenge in the e-marketing world. In our study, we succeeded in developing an algorithm to suggest personal recommendations to customers using association rules via the Frequent-Pattern-Growth algorithm. Our technique generated good results with a high average probability of purchasing the next product suggested by the recommendation system.


Association rules; E-commerce; Frequent-pattern-growth algorithm; Machine learning; Recommender system

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