Methodology for eliminating plain regions from captured images

Shiva Shankar Reddy, Vuddagiri MNSSVKR. Gupta, Lokavarapu V. Srinivas, Chigurupati Ravi Swaroop


Finding relevant content and extracting information from images is highly significant. Still, it may be challenging to do so because of changes within the textual contents, such as typefaces, size, line orientation, sophisticated backgrounds in images, and non-uniform illuminations. Despite these challenges, extracting content from captured images is still very important. Proficient textual content image recognition abilities extract text from the images to get over these issues. Despite the availability of several optical character recognition (OCR) techniques, this issue has yet to be resolved. Captured images with text are a rich source of information that should be presented so that viewers may make informed decisions. Because of this, it has become a complicated process to extract the text from an image because the text might be of poor quality, has a variety of fonts and styles, and occasionally have a complicated backdrop, among other things. Several approaches have been tried. However, finding a solution remains challenging. The maximally stable external regions (MSER) approach is developed to identify the text region in a picture. MSER is utilized to elevate the plain regions outside the text and non-text areas using geometric features and stroke width variation qualities.


Geometric properties; Maximally stable external regions; Optical character recognition; Scene images; Stroke width variation properties; Text detection; Text retrieval

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