Source printer identification using convolutional neural network and transfer learning approach

Naglaa F. El Abady, Hala H. Zayed, Mohamed Taha


In recent years, Source printer identification has become increasingly important for detecting forged documents. A printer's distinguishing feature is its fingerprints. Each printer has a unique collection of fingerprints on every printed page. A model for identifying the source printer and classifying the questioned document into one of the printer classes is provided by source printer identification. A paper proposes a new approach that trains three different approaches on the dataset to choose the more accurate model for determining the printer's source. In the first, some pre-trained models are used as feature extractors, and support vector machine (SVM) is used to classify the generated features. In the second, we construct a two-dimensional convolutional neural network (2D-CNN) to address the source printer identification (SPI) problem. Instead of SoftMax, 2D-CNN is employed for feature extractors and SVM as a classifier. This approach obtains 93.75% 98.5% accuracy for 2D-CNN-SVM in the experiments. The SVM classifier enhanced the 2D-CNN accuracy by roughly 5% over the initial configuration. Finally, we adjusted 13 already-pre-trained CNN architectures using the dataset. Among the 13 pre-trained CNN models, DarkNet-19 has the greatest accuracy of 99.2 %. On the same dataset, the suggested approaches achieve well in terms of classification accuracy than the other recently released algorithms. 


Convolution neural network; Document forgery; Source printer identification; Transfer learning; Two-dimensional convolution neural network

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