Predicting psycho-somatic disorders in online activity using multi-layer perceptron

Manjunath Gadiparthi, Edara Srinivasa Reddy


Internet services such as social media, blogs, and websites make it possible for people to acquire knowledge instantly. Due to these websites, it is now considerably easier to communicate information. As a result, individuals increasingly devote a higher amount of time to social networking programmes. This study provides estimates about the potential future ramifications of how individuals will utilise social networks. This work presents an accurate and applicable model for forecasting undesirable consequences. The model is of sufficient quality to be useful. This has been the case throughout. Using the model that has been proposed, significant properties are identified from datasets. After recovering the properties, they are categorised using the complicated computational method of multi-layer perceptron-based (MLP) artificial neural networks (ANN). 70% of this data was utilised during the training phase of the machine learning algorithm, while the remaining 30% was utilised during the validation phase of model construction. The proposed model's results were compared to those of more standard machine learning techniques. The approach utilises social networks to predict the issue. The simulation results indicate that the suggested model generates more precise predictions than the support vector machine, logistic regression, and random forest decision tree classifier techniques combined.


Forecasting; Multi layer perceptron; Random forest; Social network; Support vector machine;

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