Prototyping of e-fisherman web server to support Indonesian fishermen’s activities

Syifaul Fuada, Trio Adiono


This paper presents a webserver for Indonesian fishermen, to support fishing activities. This is one of the sub-systems of e-Nelayan (in English: eFisherman) architecture, which was connected to e-Nelayan Apps; it helps to provide interaction between two users, including the administrators and fishermen. Using hypertext preprocessor (PHP) language, the website was developed to function on an Apache web server, with the adaptation of my structured query language (MySQL) framework for the database. This system was subsequently divided into two parts: (1) the front-end, which is responsible for the accessibility of data collection and (2) the back-end, where administrators update or modify crucial information: price, fishing result, illegal activity report, save our ship! (SOS) potential fish zone, and ship tracking. The administrators are unable to update the real-time weather information for the front-end part. The application was found to record the information obtained from the fishermen through the e-Nelayan apps and meteorology, climatology, and geophysical agency (BMKG in Indonesian). This web system is expected to carry out the following functions: to ensure easier interactions between fishermen and administrators, to enable easy update of information, to promote monitoring and recording of results, and to ensure fishermen’s safety.


Electronic fishery; E-Nelayan; Fishermen; Web application; Web server

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