Machine learning-based intrusion detection system for detecting web attacks

Fatimetou Abdou Vadhil, Mohamed Lemine Salihi, Mohamedade Farouk Nanne


The increasing use of smart devices results in a huge amount of data, which raises concerns about personal data, including health data and financial data. This data circulates on the network and can encounter network traffic at any time. This traffic can either be normal traffic or an intrusion created by hackers with the aim of injecting abnormal traffic into the network. Firewalls and traditional intrusion detection systems detect attacks based on signature patterns. However, this is not sufficient to detect advanced or unknown attacks. To detect different types of unknown attacks, the use of intelligent techniques is essential. In this paper, we analyse some machine learning techniques proposed in recent years. In this study, several classifications were made to detect anomalous behaviour in network traffic. The models were built and evaluated based on the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity-intrusion detection systems dataset released in 2017 (CIC-IDS-2017), which includes both current and historical attacks. The experiments were conducted using decision tree, random forest, logistic regression, gaussian naïve bayes, adaptive boosting, and their ensemble approach. The models were evaluated using various evaluation metrics such as accuracy, precision, recall, F1-score, false positive rate, receiver operating characteristic curve, and calibration curve.


CIC-IDS-2017; Cybersecurity; Intrusion detection systems; Machine learning; Web attacks;

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