Aspect based sentiment analysis using a novel ensemble deep network

Abraham Rajan, Manohar Manur


Aspect-based sentiment analysis (ABSA) is a fine-grained task in natural language processing, which aims to predict the sentiment polarity of several parts of a sentence or document. The essential aspect of sentiment polarity and global context have deep relationships that have not received enough attention. This research work design and develops a novel ensemble deep network (EDN) which comprises the various network and integrated to enhance the model performance. In the proposed work the words of the input sentence are converted into word vectors using the optimised bidirectional encoder representations from transformers (BERT) model and an optimised BERT-graph neural networks (GNN) model with convolutions is built that analyses the ABSA of the input sentence. The optimised GNN model with convolutions for context-based word representations is developed for the word-vector embedding. We propose a novel EDN for an ABSA model for optimised BERT over GNN with convolutions. The proposed ensemble deep network proposed system (EDN-PS) is evaluated with various existing techniques and results are plotted in terms of metrics for accuracy and F1- score, concluding that the proposed EDN-PS ensures better performance in comparison with the existing model.


Aspect-based sentiment analysis; Ensemble deep network; Graph neural network; Sentiment analysis

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