Structure tensor-based Gaussian kernel edge-adaptive depth map refinement with triangular point view in images

H. Shalma, P. Selvaraj


Image reconstruction is the process of restoring the image resolution. In 3D image reconstruction, the objects in different viewpoints are processed with the triangular point view (TPV) method to estimate object geometry structure for 3D model. This work proposes a depth refinement methodology in preserving the geometric structure of objects using the structure tensor method with a Gaussian filter by transforming a series of 2D input images into a 3D model. The computation of depth map errors can be found by comparing the masked area/patch with the distribution of the original image's greyscale levels using the error pixel-based patch extraction algorithm. The presence of errors in the depth estimation could seriously deteriorate the quality of the 3D effect. The depth maps were iteratively refined based on histogram bins number to improve the accuracy of initial depth maps reconstructed from rigid objects. The existing datasets such as the dataset tanks and unit (DTU) and Middlebury datasets, were used to build the model out of the object scene structure. The results of this work have demonstrated that the proposed patch analysis outperformed the existing state of the art models depth refinement methods in terms of accuracy.


Correspondence point; Image matching; Multi-view images; Object recognition; Reconstruction; Triangulation;

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