Predictive maintenance framework for assessing health state of centrifugal pumps

Panagiotis Mallioris, Evangelos Diamantis, Christos Bialas, Dimitrios Bechtsis


Combined with advances in sensing technologies and big data analytics, critical information can be extracted from continuous production processes for predicting the health state of equipment and safeguarding upcoming failures. This research presents a methodology for applying predictive maintenance (PdM) solutions and showcases a PdM application for health state prediction and condition monitoring, increasing the safety and productivity of centrifugal pumps for a sustainable and resilient PdM ecosystem. Measurements depicting the healthy and maintenance-prone stages of two centrifugal pumps were collected on the university campus. The dataset consists of 5,118 records and includes both running and standstill values. Additionally, Spearman statistical analysis was conducted to measure the correlation of collected measurements with the predicted output of machine conditions and select the most appropriate features for model optimization. Several machine learning (ML) algorithms, namely random forest (RF), Naïve Bayes, support vector machines (SVM), and extreme gradient boosting (XGBoost) were analyzed and evaluated during the data mining process. The results indicated the effectiveness and efficiency of XGBoost for the health state prediction of centrifugal pumps. The contribution of this research is to propose an effective framework collectong multistage health data for PdM applications and showcase its effectiveness in a real-world use case.


Big data; Centrifugal pumps; Industry 5.0; Machine learning; Predictive maintenance;

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