Neobots: an open-source platform for a low-cost neonatal incubator with internet of things approach

I Komang Agus Ady Aryanto, Dechrit Maneetham, Evi Triandini


A baby incubator implements the internet of things (IoT) with an architectural design combining several scientific fields, such as networks, software, and hardware. Furthermore, this research develops an open-source platform called Neobots, including open-source program code to create a baby incubator. Then an overview of the system includes sending sensor data to the IoT Broker with the message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) protocol and automatically storing data in the database. The results of the comparison value on each temperature sensor with a temperature sensor at the midpoint with an error of less than 0.7°C. Then testing the fuzzy between the Neobots program and the simulation in MATLAB got an error rate of 0-28.27%. In addition, in less than 10 minutes, the system response can adjust the temperature conditions to a setpoint value of 34°C from 29°C, and the average error value is 0.35°C during 1 hour of the Fuzzy implementation on the incubator. Then transfer data from the incubator to the database in a room without noise and full noise to get results for lost data less than 16.41% and 42.14%, delay rates between 0-6 seconds and 0-7 seconds with testing for 1 hour at every 1 second.


Fuzzy Logic; Internet of Things; Neonatal incubator; Open source; Low cost; Web

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