Predicting tidal level in tropical Eastern Bintan waters using residual long short-term memory

Agsanshina Raka Syakti, Syahri Rhamadhan, Ghora Laziola, Pahrizal Pahrizal, Dony Apdillah, Nola Ritha


The sea brings many benefits for society, especially for a maritime country such as Indonesia. The potential in various sectors is limited only by the willingness of a party to invest in it. One such investment is in learning the knowledge and information that can be gathered from the sea, and even predicting its behavior with enough data. Using a residual LSTM algorithm, we will predict the tidal level in eastern Bintan island, a tropical island on the tip of Malay peninsula. The dataset is acquired from two sensor points in eastern Bintan coast from July 2018 to June 2019 for a span of one year, giving a total of 7,961 data points. The residual LSTM model consists of a residual wrapper with two consecutive LSTM layers and one dense layer. The model is also compared with variations of LSTM and RNN models. The result of the residual LSTM model has an MAE value of 0.1495 cm and an RMSE value of 0.3353 cm, compared to the baseline model’s 1.1148 cm and 1.4107 cm respectively. The model also has an RMSE value improvement of 76.23% compared to the base model.


Bintan; Long short-term memory; Machine learning; One-day forecasting; Residual network; Tidal level; Time series forecasting

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