Optimized deep learning-based dual segmentation framework for diagnosing health of apple farming with the internet of things

Harsha Raju, Veena Kalludi Narasimhaiah


The high disease prevalence in apple farms results in decreased yield and income. This research addresses these issues by integrating internet of things (IoT) applications and deep neural networks to automate disease detection. Existing methods often suffer from high false positives and lack global image similarity. This study proposes a conceptual framework using IoT visual sensors to mitigate apple diseases' severity and presents an intelligent disease detection system. The system employs the augmented Otsu technique for region-aware segmentation and a colour-conversion algorithm for generating feature maps. These maps are input into U-net models, optimized using a genetic algorithm, which results in the generation of suitable masks for all input leaf images. The obtained masks are then used as feature maps to train the convolution neural network (CNN) model for detecting and classifying leaf diseases. Experimental outcomes and comparative assessments demonstrate the proposed scheme's practical utility, yielding high accuracy and low false-positive results in multiclass disease detection tasks.


Convolution neural network; Genetic algorithm; Internet-of-things; Otsu technique; Supervised learning;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v13.i1.pp876-887


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