Low-resolution facial emotion recognition on low-cost devices

Muhamad Dwisnanto Putro, Jane Litouw, Vecky Canisius Poekoel


The low-resolution input image is a crucial challenge for applying facial emotion recognition in real-world scenarios. The critical problem is that valuable object features are relatively lost in the extraction process due to their small size. On the other hand, this vision system is required by a machine to run smoothly on lowcost devices. Facial emotion recognition using a lightweight feature extractor is proposed in this study to effectively capture crucial facial components in a lowresolution image. To compromise the running speed, this work offers an efficient feature convolution to discriminate specific facial features. In addition, the system is embedded with an attentive module to capture important features and correlate them. Our model performance is evaluated on low-resolution public datasets achieving the accuracy of 97.34%, 81.10%, and 80.12% on Karolinska directed emotional faces (KDEF), real-world affective faces database (RFDB), and facial expression recognition 2013 plus (FER2013Plus), respectively. The practical application demands that the deep learning model can operate fast on inexpensive devices. Consequently, the model achieved a speed of 290 frames per second (FPS) on a central processing unit (CPU) device.


Deep learning; Facial emotion recognition; Low resolution; Low-cost devices; Real-time model

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijai.v13.i2.pp2201-2211


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