Direct Field-Oriented Control Using Fuzzy Logic Type -2 for Induction Motor with Broken Rotor Bars

Saad Belhamdi, Amar Goléa


In the paper an analysis of the Direct Field Control Fuzzy logic type-2 of induction motor drive with broken rotor bars is presented. The simplicity of traditional regulators makes them popular and the most used solution in the nowadays industry. However, they suffer from some limitations and cannot deal with nonlinear dynamics and system parameters variation. In the literature, several strategies of adaptation are developed to alleviate these limitations. Artificial intelligent has found high application in most nonlinear systems same as motors drive. Because it has intelligence like human but there are no sentimental against human like angriness and.... Artificial intelligent is used for various points like approximation, control, and monitoring. Because artificial intelligent techniques can use as controller for any system without requirement to system mathematical model, it has been used in electrical drive control. With this manner, efficiency and reliability of drives increase and volume, weight and cost of them decrease.


Broken bar, Direct vector control, Fuzzy logic type-2, Induction motor, Modeling

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